First Presbyterian Church        March 2017


                            It’s Hard To Be A Good Christian at 3:00 AM

When I was active in youth ministry, I used to both look forward to and dread the overnight events with the junior and senior high students.  The kids loved staying up late and running around the church or a camp, so we saw many more youth than tended to see on Sunday mornings.  However, when they were still goofing around at 3:00 AM, I was not very polite in how I told them to go to sleep for the umpteenth time.  I sincerely tried not to be a complete grouch, but I did not always win that struggle.  As Genevieve and Elyse can tell you, I like my sleep. 

That grouchy side of me re-emerged the other day while I was on a family vacation in New Orleans.  The hotel that we stayed at was just down the street from a nightclub that had obnoxious music blasting out of it into the wee hours of the morning.  There was also quite a bit of activity on the street during that time to add to the mix, which made it very hard for me to sleep.  While I did not say anything to the people outside, I went through all the things in my head that I would wish to say to them, none of which I could share in a church newsletter.

Eventually, I decided to read for a bit in the hopes that it would put my mind at rest, or at least get me back to sleep.  The book I read is a memoir of a famous minister, Rev. Samuel Proctor, who pastored Abyssinian Baptist Church, in Harlem, New York.  Besides being a great preacher, he was also a community leader in a tough urban neighborhood in the 1980’s, where noisy nightclubs were the least of one’s worries.   

He focused on promoting hard work and education as spiritual practices of being a disciple of Christ.  He also discussed how getting a better understanding of people, and their personal situations, helps one to be more Christlike even in the midst of the most stressful circumstances.  This put things in perspective for me, i.e. recalling that New Orleans was a tourist city both for families and young singles who liked to stay up late. 

Right after finishing my reading, I remembered an old woman I had seen earlier in the day, who was probably a homeless person.  She was riding a three wheeled bike that was decorated like a Mardi Gras float, and it had speakers on the back blasting Jazz music.  It also had the scripture verse, “Judge not lest you be judged yourself”, (Matthew 7:1) prominently displayed on the side.  She smiled and waved at everyone as she rode by us on a busy street, and for a moment I wondered if I had just seen an angel.  “Angelos” is the Greek word for messenger, and she certainly was that to me as I recalled her while I was being a grouch at 3:00 AM.  Finally, I was able to go to sleep not long after that realization.



Rev. Walter Stuber
First Presbyterian Church

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                                                                             Youth News


Thirteen youth and two adults had a lock-in.  What fun - food, food, food, games and noise.


We did have serious time.  We watched “God’s Love - The Ultimate High” by Tony Compolo.  The message hit home in some way with all of the youth.


Our next big event will be camping this summer.


The New York City trip will be in two years, giving us more time to raise the money.


Youth meetings will be on the 5th and 19th of March.


Our checkbook balance was $3,593.25.  We collected $42.60, making our new total  $3,635.85.  Thank you everyone for your support.



-       Mary Lou


            Food Pantry


Food Pantry Wish List:  tuna, jams & jellies, baked beans.


-       Mary Lou



Fellowship & Outreach


On March 19th there will be a dish-to-pass after church for a St. Patrick’s celebration.  Hope you can stay and join us for fun and fellowship.


We had twenty-six for our Valentine’s Fun day.


-       Mary Lou



Strawberry Festival


If you can help in any way, please let me know.  June will be here soon.


-       Mary Lou



          2 Cents a Meal


            January’s collection was $77.00 and February’s collection was $80.00, making the total

            to date for this year $157.00

-       Mary Lou







Looking Ahead



March 1st:  Women’s Association meeting at 11:30 a.m.  Please bring a sandwich. 

        Ash Wednesday service at the Huron Presbyterian Church, 7 p.m.


March 3rd:   World Day of Prayer


March 5th:  Youth meeting


March 19th:  Dish-to-pass St. Patrick’s celebration after church

                     Youth meeting


March 25th (Saturday night):  Wolcott Historical Society Annual Meeting.  Looking for

volunteers to help with the dinner.  Please let Henrietta Trine know if you         can help.