First Presbyterian Church January 2018 Jesus vs. Zeus


One of the classic images of New Year’s Eve is an old man, symbolizing the current year, and a baby, symbolizing the new year. The ancient Greeks believed in a god of time called Cronus, and he is usually depicted as an old man holding a scythe. Cronus was once the head of the Greek gods, but he was defeated and replaced by his young son, Zeus. This is obviously not a Christian tradition, however I find it an interesting analogy of Father Time being replaced by a baby.

Genevieve and I have always had cats. This past year two of our cats died of old age within six months of each other. We were down to one cat and she likes to be outdoors most of the time when the weather is good. Our house felt oddly empty without the background noise of animals. We have some fish but they do not really count in my mind as pets. We knew we needed to find a couple of cats to replace the ones we lost.

We got a pair of lively kittens, and they have been a nice addition to our family. I have even noticed that with extended families, a new birth or wedding often comes shortly after a funeral. This is not a hard and fast rule, but there is something to restoring the balance of a family system that has suffered a loss. New life helps us overcome and move on from grief.

Jesus combines both the ancient and the child imagery during Christmas. He was with God even before the beginning of Creation, yet He also came to us as an infant whom we remember at Christmas. One of the reasons that I believe in Jesus, rather than a divine Superman like Zeus, is in Jesus the God of the universe completely emptied Himself into a frail vessel of humanity. What amazing love and trust does that demonstrate?

God knew, of course, what kind of world we live in, and what would happen to Jesus in this less than perfect place. Yet God’s divine desire for union with us won out. He demonstrates by His gift to us the great depth of His sacrificial love. God is with us; He accepts us as we are and He will never leave us or forsake us. I do not have adequate words to explain it, but with all my life experiences I know I can trust it. Know as you go into 2018 that God’s Love wins, no matter what. Amen!

Rev. Walter Stuber
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Christmas Project

Great job everyone who helped. The people were thankful and pleasant. I don’t have a total number of people yet, but I will. Thank you all again.


Food Pantry Wish List: butter.


cereal, canned pasta, fruits, beans, jams & jellies, peanut
- Mary Lou

Youth News

Food Pantry

- Mary Lou


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Four youth helped with the Jeff Sawyer concert refreshments. They did a great job and had fun. Thanks, Pastor Walter, for entertaining during the down times.

Six youth and two adults went to see “The Christmas Story”. Other family members came along also.

Our checkbook balance was $3,505.75. Cans and bottles collected was $19.55 and a $50.00 donation from Beth Dunton makes our new balance $3,575.30. Thank you


Two Cents a Meal

- Mary Lou

December’s collection was $66.25, making our total for the year $841.25. Thank you all for your support.

- Mary Lou

Note of Thanks

Thank you everyone for the wonderful reception put on after Dorothy Crane’s Funeral Service. What a great job.

Thanks everyone for your support, cards, calls, food, money, and love. Thanks,
Pastor Walter, for your extra mile. Everything meant a great deal. Mom is smiling down on all of us. Thanks again for your love and support.

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Tuesday, January 9th: Sunday, January 28th:

Looking Ahead

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