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F.R.O.G.G. (Fully Rely On God’s Grace) and Bats

There’s an old proverb that “no wedding goes off without a hitch”, and in my experience the same is true of Christmas Eve services.  Usually it is a minor glitch, like the minister singing too close to the microphone and doing a solo, or not having a candle at the beginning of Silent Night.  This year a bat decided to fly down from the belfry midway through the service, and it flew over peoples’ heads for a very uncomfortable ten minutes or so.  My hat goes off to our joint choir, who somehow sang an anthem in the midst of its aerial acrobatics. 

People actually handled it better than I thought some crowds might, as no one yelled or panicked.  However, I could also sense a growing uneasiness that was about to disrupt the service.  Our ushers unsuccessfully tried to trap it outside the sanctuary by closing some doors, but then I was luckily able to choral it in the room next to the choir loft.  Many prayers were answered when it went out the side door of that room and flew away outside.

Here’s another proverb you may not have heard: “Fully Rely on God’s Grace”, or FROGG for short.  It is something that I try to keep in mind when problems come that I can do little or nothing about, e.g. a bat flying around in church.  That being said, relying on God’s grace is not the same as passive resignation.  When an opportunity arose, we were able to get the bat out, and I am sure that the session will come up with a plan to make sure it does not happen again.  I believe that God gives us wisdom and wants us to put our gifts to use, whatever they may be.

Yet in my experience, there are very few things over which I have much control, though I can try to control my reaction to what happens around me.  Many people from our various churches did our best to plan and organize the Christmas Eve service, but ultimately it is something that is in God’s hands.  We pray that God will bless our efforts, and that we can be in an attentive spirit at worship that night.  This attitude is what I mean by relying on grace, especially when the unexpected occurs like it did this year.




Rev. Walter Stuber
First Presbyterian Church

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                                              Wolcott Area Christmas Report -  2016


Dear Community Members,


At this time I want to personally thank everyone who helped and worked so hard with the Christmas food boxes, toys and hats & mittens.  A special thank you to the Marine Corp. Toys for Tots, the student body of the North Rose-Wolcott School District and local churches for their donations of toys and food.


Also, a big thank you to the service organizations, Bob’ Supermarket, Wayne County Eggs and individuals who gave money, goods or help.


This year we provided 372 homes with food boxes, toys and hats & mittens.  571 children received two toys, hats & mittens (if needed) and extra little goodies for stocking stuffers.  477 adults were included in the food distribution.  169 elderly people were also helped with food boxes.


Once again, thank you all for your part.



Mary Lou Lockwood

                                                                                                                        Project Chairman


   2 Cents a Meal

            The total collected for 2016 was $755.00.  Thank you, everyone, for all of your support.

-       Mary Lou


         Youth News


Eight youth helped with the Jeff Sawyer concert.  We will be meeting on January  8th to set up 2017 events.


Our checkbook balance was $3,526.35.  We collected $36.55 in cans and bottles, making our new total $3,562.90.  Thank you all again for your support.

-       Mary Lou



            Food Pantry

            What a December! 


Wish List:  tuna, fruit, jams & jellies, juice, soup, mac & cheese, baked beans, pork & beans, sugar.

-       Mary Lou


Looking Ahead


Tuesday, January 10:  Annual reports due


Sunday, January 29:  Annual Meeting